19 October 2020

BRIG-Catch the pigeon, catch the pigeon!

Willow class had an unexpected visitor today in their outside area-an injured pigeon.  The concerned children were very happy to hear that a lovely lady from the RSPCA was on her way to save the day!

Every year, RSPCA Animal Rescue Teams save the lives of thousands of animals across England and Wales.

After safely capturing the pigeon and checking it over, it was safely deposited into a travel box. The RSPCA officer was happy to report that after a few days’ rest in a local RSPCA centre the pigeon would be well enough to be set free.

Today the children learnt a wonderful lesson in caring for animals and lots of them were excited to share their knowledge with the RSPCA officer.  After exiting to rapturous cheering I’m sure it’s not a rescue the RSPCA officer will forget!

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Published on 19th October, 2020

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