12 March 2019

BRIG-Ash class investigate Traction Man Kidnapping!

Ash class have been reading ‘Traction Man Is Here’ by Mini Grey and brought the story to life, acting out scenes and using props around the classroom.  Traction Man is an action figure brought to life as a superhero by a child’s imagination. He gets into all sorts of scrapes, saving his friends from villains such as the ‘poisonous Dishcloth’ in the ‘foamy waters of the Sink’ and rescuing ‘The Dollies’ from ‘Wicked Professor Spade’. In Traction Man’s world, every day is a new adventure.   This week Ash class had an adventure of their own when Traction Man was kidnapped and a mysterious ransom note was found in the classroom. The class put up posters around the school appealing for information, but to no avail. All seemed lost when yet another note appeared, demanding ‘only brilliant stories’ to defeat a villain that just loved mistakes! Determined never to give up, the class set to work inventing their own superheroes and writing fantastic brand new adventure stories about how their superhero would save Traction Man. Would this be enough to defeat the Evil Eraser?….. We certainly hope so!

Published on 12th March, 2019

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