11 September 2020

Back to school – some things you may not know

The schools in the Trust have had an excellent first full week back with good attendance.  We appreciate the effort that parents and carers are taking to implement precautions over illness and to help us all to do the right thing we have produced a ‘Quick guide’ offering ‘what do I do if …’ advice for (we think) every eventuality.  You can find the guide here.  We are working closely with the Croydon Health Protection Team who advise local schools

There has been a lot of thought put into the return to school and over the last week we have continued to change and improve our school systems to aid social distancing and keep everyone safe and further improvements are still underway.  A Public Health England report on the ‘mini term’ that took place for some year groups in June and July is very clear that the main risk in school is adult to adult infections and thus we please repeat our request that parents and carers keep a safe, preferably 2m, distance away from staff at the beginning and end of the day.  In addition we are STRONGLY ENCOURAGING the use of face coverings whilst on school premises for all parents.  With infection rates rising we must all do all that we can to keep schools functioning and we ask for your support with this by wearing masks if you can and staying clear of school staff.  You may notice some staff also wearing masks and this is allowed for in our reconnection plan.

The rest of this post concerns developments at schools around the Trust that parents and carers may not be aware of – some COVID related, some not.  There is so much to report that I will have to do another story with further details next week.  As ever if you have any questions please contact your Head of School.  Have a good weekend and see you all on Monday.  Jolyon Roberts

We are allowing one year group per day on each playground to use the fixed playground equipment like climbing frames and roundabouts.  All children in a year group are in one ‘bubble’ (as per our reconnection plan) so this maintains the integrity of the ‘bubble’.  Parents will also know that public playgrounds are now open so it seemed strange to say that children couldn’t play on the school playground equipment. The equipment is then sprayed with a soapy solution before the next year group use it the next day.  Mr Gadd from Whitehorse Manor models the process for us in this photo.
Over the summer we had a new climbing frame installed at our Brigstock site and as we are very pleased with the results we shall be working with same company to add different pieces of equipment at other sites over the coming year.
We have worked with our catering provider Harrison Catering to put safer arrangements in place for the serving of school dinners.  Children no longer select their own trays meaning that the only people who touch the trays are the catering staff and cutlery is individually wrapped after being sterilised.  We are using disposable plates and cutlery at some schools but hope to phase this out in the next couple of weeks.
In order to provide as many entry points into school as possible as aid social distancing we have undertaken some capital works over the summer.  Here you can see a new pathway to the rear Year 4 doors at CYP Upper meaning these children have doors straight into their classrooms – avoiding playground congestion.
In our Reception playground at Cypress Lower the old storage sheds were leaking and resources were getting damaged.  Hopefully these bright new ones should last many years and keep the resources clean and dry.
At Pegasus all our teachers from different schools plan together and used to meet in person to do this.  Thanks to our new expertise in ‘Google Meet’ these groups no longer meet in such large groups and can now plan together from different sites while maintaining social distancing.  It also means less driving around our part of London.  The Year 1 team from various sites can be seen here getting some exciting activities ready for next week.
Year groups on all of our school sites now eat entirely separately – even clearing away to different places.


Published on 11th September, 2020

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