16 October 2020

Another fantastic week of learning at Cypress Lower

Whilst the period since September has been challenging for many of us both personally and professionally it is important we look back and reflect.  Our children are doing us proud. The children are working incredibly hard in class and adapting to being back at school, remembering how we learn best, perfecting routines and giving 100% in class. All this they do with great enthusiasm.  Our class blogs demonstrate that so many children are responding positively to their weekly home learning activities and have learnt how to upload photos, post and comment on each other’s work. We are particularly proud of year 2 who have been great contributors to their blogs. We shared Sammy, Penny and Tommy’s Great Fire of London video in assembly today, where they recreated this historic event by burning cardboard houses in their garden (don’t try this at home!!).

This week there have a several ‘firsts’ at Cypress Lower this week.  Firstly, we had our first telephone parent and carers’ evenings and this approach enabled our teachers to speak to all the parents/ carers in depth about their child’s progress and targets for the year.  If you’ve not yet managed to speak to your child’s class teacher please ensure you speak to them next week.

Turquoise class led the Trust’s first Google Meet LIVE assembly. We learnt about the how Harvest Festival is a celebration of the food that is grown on the land.  Usually in Britain, Harvest is celebrated in churches by bringing baskets of food to give thanks. This year it is difficult for us to share food in this way so at Cypress we celebrated with a brilliant assembly, where Turquoise sang beautifully and showed their art work.  We had over 30 people joining us via Google Meet and at the end our parents and carers congratulated their children with messages. Well done Turquoise class – we are so proud of you!  The Lower School has also collected over £80 today for The Trussell Trust to support their work in food banks.

The current arrangements at drop-off and collection are for everyone’s safety and all of the Cypress community has been hugely supportive in keeping a safe distance and wearing face coverings at ‘drop off’ and ‘pick up’, even more so now that the national situation is escalating.  Please ensure that you wear your face covering correctly, ensuring your nose and mouth are covered.

We have also sent out safeguarding leaflets today that we would like you to share with your children as these posters remind us how to keep each other safe.

Wishing you a very happy weekend and thank you for your continued support.

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Published on 16th October, 2020

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