01 July 2021

EPS Y4’s Day in the Woods

On Monday this week, Y4 enjoyed a fantastic, action-packed day at Frylands Wood Scout Outdoor Centre. This trip is designed to challenge and push the children outside their comfort zones whilst having immense amounts of fun in the great outdoors!

Y4 took part in 5 different activities: orienteering, grass sledging, barrel carts, archery and traverse wall climbing. Whilst exploring and navigating the beautiful surroundings of the woodland, children deciphered a secret message during their orienteering task. Teamwork and engineering skills were put into action whilst building and riding their own ‘barrel carts’. Children put their nerves, aim and concentration to the test with some fabulous shooting in archery. Upper body strength, forward thinking and coordination were the big three for the traversing wall and who doesn’t love sliding down a grassy slope on a sledge?!

Huge well done and congratulations to all the children and staff who rose to the challenges with humour and determination, laughing in the face of the rain (and mud). We’re sure it will be an experience with much learning to remember for a long time.

Y4 Team

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Published on 1st July, 2021

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