13 June 2019

Violins at the Crystal Palace Festival Reception!

On Tuesday evening, 5 Year 6 pupils performed at the opening reception for the Crystal Palace Festival at the newly renovated Best Weston Hotel. Maika, Darcey, Mary, Miriam and Ciara have been rehearsing, writing out music and polishing their pieces. Audience and players alike all loved the performance. “I loved the poshness and the food!” stated Darcey. Ciara also loved the food and the ‘vibe’. Look out for the violins’ next performance on 23 June at midday outside Sainsbury’s, as part of the Crystal Palace Festival. We’ll be raising money to buy violins for the exciting new Year 2 violin project. Come and support us if you can!

Fiona, violin teacher.

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Published on 13th June, 2019

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