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In Year 5 children enter ‘Upper Key stage 2’ and are being prepared for their final year in Primary school.

In Year 5 we want our children to be excited, engaged and enthusiastic about their learning, continuing to develop their understanding through discussions, role play activities, debates, games and interactive, practical experiences.

We prepare and encourage our children to take on an increasingly independent approach to learning and have greater responsibility for their work.  This is particularly evident in the topic work in which children are provided with the opportunity to acquire a range of new skills linked to 5 areas of the curriculum.  It is here we firmly believe that children gain greater confidence in their work and are motivated to explore different ways of approaching a task and presenting their work. 

Year 5 is a very exciting year for the children as it prepares them for Year 6 and their steps towards their future.

Simone Matthews – Year 5 team leader

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