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Throughout Reception year we build and develop upon the work started in Nursery, continuing to focus upon the seven areas of learning.  Through topics such as 'Families and celebrations', 'Mini-beasts', 'Food' and 'Monsters' the children are encouraged to be active learners as they acquire, develop and practise a range of skills through meaningful play opportunities. Your child’s learning experience will be engaging, positive, exciting and fun and will reflect and support their own needs and interests. We help the children to become independent learners and to prepare for future learning and successes. Your child will have exciting opportunities to learn outside of the classroom too with trips to Build-a-Bear and a visit from the a mini-beast expert!

In this school year there is a strong emphasis on developing personal, social and emotional skills such as turn taking, sharing and maintaining friendships. We encourage the children to respect themselves, property and each other. These key skills help the children to develop skills to interact effectively and develop positive attitudes.

We value the role parents play in helping children to succeed and run informative workshops throughout the year. We also encourage parents to tell us about 'WOW' moments to help us build a more complete picture of each child.

Here are some of the children’s comments about being in Reception:

‘The best thing about being in Reception is listening to the teachers, listening to the teachers is good.’

‘It’s good to be in Reception because it’s nice to be friends and have other friends.’

‘You can do really exciting things.’

‘We have lots of activities to do.’

We look forward to working with you throughout this exciting time in your child's education.

Danny Bissex - Reception team leader

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