Have you ever wanted to cycle to Cypress Primary School, but were put off by the steep hill? Well, now is your chance to eat “Cypress Hill” for breakfast and have fun doing it! It’ll get the legs and heart going and warm you up if it’s chilly. The next ride will be on Sunday  21st January and we’ll meet at the usual place (the kiosk in South Norwood Lake Park) at 10am. We’ll check the bikes for safety and have a practice ride. Then, we’ll ride on the road to the junction with Auckland Road and Cypress Road. We can use technical skills to take on the hill which can be taken on in 2 stages, easy and harder. Riders can record their times if they want and try to go for a Personal Best time! Really keen climbers can have a crack at some of the other hills that the area is blessed with.
Did you know that the oldest bike race in the world is a hill climb and it’s not far from here… First raced in 1887, the Catford Hill Climb is billed as ‘the oldest continuing cycle race in the world’. It happens every October on Yorks Hill in Kent near Sevenoaks. This is your chance to get out the new bike you got for Christmas and take it for a spin. Once you’ve conquered the hill, you’ll want to do it every day on the way to and from school! So, see you at the kiosk at 10am and remember to wear layers and gloves for the weather.
Cypress Cycling Club